Saturday, January 16, 2010

James "Junkie Jim" Lockey RIP

James Lockey
May 6, 1965 - January 15, 2010
Rest In Peace

Jim in the fall of 1983 in Amherst.

And in May of 2009 in NYC

One time, back when, he and our mutual Scotty P. went to a Garcia Band show in Passaic, then into town and caught Fear at The Mudd Club. He danced in the same mercury dewdrop style at the Fear show while people shouted "F*ck Hippies".
The argument could be made that that was a performance in and of itself.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I have known Jim since 1985. He was a friend to all, and he had many many friends. Go toward the light brother...

Nick R-C

Anonymous said...

I met Jim at a Dead show in in 1984, went to college with him and was his friend and neighbor in Seattle for many years. He was a man with a big, big heart and no pretense. When of the best people I've ever known. Love you brother.

Richard said...

Dear All,

I just read this post about Jim's passing and I am profoundly shocked and saddened. He had been in my thoughts recently and I had left a message on his mobile, which is still in service. I met Jim in Seattle in 2003, he became a dear friend; when I returned to NYC that fall, we stayed in touch. I so enjoyed the time I spent with him, he was a true, dear friend, one I never saw often enough. I had no idea that he had passed away in January until now. I would be profoundly grateful if anyone reading this post, who knows Jim's family, could contact me with their address, as I would like to send them a sympathy card. Please feel free to email me at: Thank you.

Jim: You were a much loved friend, oh how I wish we had spent more time together. You will be missed. Rest in Peace.
Richard G. Harris

Lisa M said...

I met Jim at Vershire back in 1981. I considered him a close friend. One summer we traveled to AZ and spent a couple days at my dads. My dad had an incredible record collection. When we got back in touch the first thing he asked was how my dad was and said anyone that had Blotto was cool in his book. My dad had just died suddenly and he managed to make me laugh. Jim could make anyone laugh. It was one of his finest qualities. I miss him every day. Love ya Jim and see you around one of these days. Dance on.

Susan Doran said...

Is this Jim Lockey from Cold Spring Harbor NY? If so, I am so sorry to hear that he died. I went to a Dead show with him at Nassau Coliseum May 1980. He was also my backdoor neighbor.